If your dentist suggests that you need root canal therapy, ask for a referral to an endodontist. Not only do endodontists have more experience with this procedure, but they are also experts in everything inside the teeth, giving them the knowledge and skills to execute this treatment expertly. At Innovative Endodontics, we provide root canal therapy for Charleston, SC residents who need to save their teeth. Plus, we embrace the latest technological advances to ensure the most thorough root canal treatments to ease your pain.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatment is an endodontic care option that can help to save an infected tooth from extraction. Typically, you will need this treatment if you have a cavity that grows deep enough to cause inflammation or infection at the tooth’s root. Without care, you may need an extraction, which will cause a gap in your smile or require you to need other more expensive options like an implant or a bridge. Root canal treatment can save the tooth.

During the treatment, the endodontist will take x-rays to evaluate the area. Next, you will have a dental dam to isolate the treated tooth. This will protect your airway and prevent cleaning solutions from getting into your mouth. Using tiny instruments and microscopic magnification, the endodontist will open the tooth’s top to expose the root canal for cleaning. They will remove any material that has signs of infection or inflammation. Next, they will carefully clean all the sections of the root canal to ensure no bacteria remain. During this phase, the endodontist will also shape the root canal to accommodate the filling and seal.

Lastly, the endodontist will seal the root canal and place a temporary filling on top. This filling will only protect the tooth until you can get to your dentist for a permanent crown. Don't delay getting a crown. The longer you wait, the greater the chances of needing endodontic retreatment or the possibility the tooth may refracture.

Though your tooth may feel sensitive after root canal therapy, the pain you felt before should ease because the endodontist removed the inflamed tissue causing the discomfort.

Root Canal FAQ

  • How many root canals are completed every day? Answer: Over 41,000 root canals are completed every day. That is over 14 million per year.
  • How successful are root canal treatments? Answer: A root canal treatment is 93% successful.
  • What is the standard of care for root canals? Answer: The dental dam is the standard of care for root canals
  • Are root canals safe? Answer: Root canals are incredibly safe. There has never been a proven link between root canals and any systemic illness. The infection of a tooth does not travel to other parts of the body.
  • How many visits will it take to complete a root canal? Answer: Dr. Estes completes approximately 95% of her cases in a single visit

Breaking Myths About Root Canal Treatment

At Innovative Endodontics, we want to change the reputation of the root canal. One of the major myths we combat is that root canals are painful. We strive to offer the least painful experience possible. In fact, many of our patients report similar discomfort during their root canal treatments as they would feel when getting a dental filling.

Another myth that some patients express is that tooth extraction is better than a root canal. The opposite is true, though. Root canal therapy can help to save a tooth. When you have a tooth extracted, you face other possible side effects, such as the other teeth moving in your mouth, dry socket, or the additional expense of fitting an implant or bridge.

About Innovative Endodontics for Root Canal Near Charleston, SC

If you need root canal therapy, see us at Innovative Endodontics. Our state-of-the-art equipment, expert skills, and friendly staff will make your root canal treatment less stressful and help to ease your tooth pain. We pride ourselves on embracing technology to make root canal treatment as painless as possible.

If you are ready to schedule a root canal in Charleston, SC, contact us at Innovative Endodontics. We work to change the reputation of the root canal, one patient at a time. Find out the difference that expert endodontic care can make in your root canal experience.

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