For an endodontist, Goose Creek SC residents can trust their teeth with, reach out to us at Innovative Endodontics. Our team takes care of our patients through expert care and great chair-side manner. We proudly serve Goose Creek and surrounding areas.


Goose Creek, SC, is a jewel of the area. We love that this town has many chances for fun and recreation. One of the best options is the beautiful Crowfield Golf Club. With memberships and reasonable greens fees, this golf course is perfect for residents who love to get out and play a round or two.

The town also boasts events such as outdoor movie nights, festivals, and lectures. With so much going on, it’s no wonder that people flock to Goose Creek to live.

The town also benefits from its proximity to great endodontic care at Innovative Endodontics. Residents of Goose Creek don’t have to go far for professional, high-tech care from Dr. Estes and the entire team at our clinic.


At Innovative Endodontics, our services include the most commonly performed endodontic treatment, root canal therapy. We also help patients who need surgery on their teeth roots or have cracked teeth.

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a non-surgical way to clean out an infected tooth’s interior or remove bacteria before a tooth becomes infected. What sets Dr. Estes and the team at Innovative Endodontics apart is their positive approach to root canal treatments. This therapy does not have to be painful. In fact, you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. Additionally, you can save a tooth by choosing a root canal instead of losing it to infection. Trust our team to help you break any personal misconceptions you have about root canals.

Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth may allow bacteria into the tooth. To prevent infection that could require a dentist to pull the tooth, an endodontist may perform a root canal treatment to disinfect the tooth’s interior. Some patients may need surgery to divide a cracked tooth. With endodontic care, you have a greater chance of keeping a tooth that cracks instead of risking its loss.

Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic surgery is not one type of procedure. Instead, it is a category of treatments that an endodontist might provide. An apicoectomy is the most commonly performed endodontic surgery. This type of surgery removes infected roots from the tip by cutting away the gums. Other surgery options may include procedures used to divide a broken tooth to save a portion of it or repair or remove damaged roots. Since this is more invasive than non-surgical root canal procedures, patients should always trust their endodontic surgeries to experts in the field.

About Us

At Innovative Endodontics, we believe in constantly moving forward to provide our patients with the great care they deserve. We use high-tech equipment, including microscopes for dental surgery and cone-beam imaging, to see a three-dimensional view inside each tooth. Plus, our endodontist, Dr. Monica Estes, has contributed research to the field by examining antibacterial materials to use for endodontics.

Dr. Estes has a long history of serving others with distinction. She completed her four-year degree and graduated cum laude. At Tufts University dental school, she graduated summa cum laude, finishing in the top ten students in her class. Following her academic achievements, she began her five-year service in the United States Navy, garnering multiple military honors during that time. Back in the Charleston, SC, area, Dr. Estes earned her Certificate in Endodontics and eventually became a board-certified endodontist.

Today, Dr. Estes continues to excel by getting each of her patients to reconsider their thoughts on root canals. With her care and painless treatment, she wants patients to recognize that root canals are necessary to save natural teeth and not painful procedures.

Innovative Endodontics provides Goose Creek, SC, residents with root canal therapy, surgery, and other endodontic services. If you need a referral to an endodontist, contact us today. You deserve care from a trusted professional who has proudly served her country and continues to do the same for her patients. Our clinic already provides an endodontist Goose Creek SC residents can trust. Let our team at Innovative Endodontics be your dental specialist of choice.

At Innovative Endodontics, we work hard to help our patients keep their teeth. Our Dr. Estes is an endodontist Hanahan SC residents can feel good about visiting. We want to help every one of our patients smile. One way we do this is by letting area residents know about the fun things to do and see in the area.

Things to Do in Hanahan, South Carolina

Hanahan is a beautiful town to live, work, and raise a family. The area has so much to offer that the local venues attract locals and tourists. Why not take the time to fully appreciate your hometown by exploring everything there is to offer in Hanahan and the surrounding area?

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Whether you love history or gardens, visit Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. On the National Register of Historic Places, Magnolia Plantation is one of the oldest such sites in the South. Founded in 1676 by Thomas and Ann Drayton, the plantation featured a formal garden even at this early date. During the 1670s, the Draytons brought enslaved people from Barbados to provide labor for the plantation. These individuals, additional enslaved people, and their descendants continued to work at the property, contributing to constructing the plantation’s many signature structures.

Initially, the property started as a rice plantation, which required extensive earthworks to control water flow to irrigate the thirsty crop. Enslaved Africans from rice-growing locations constructed the dikes and dams, which controlled water flow from the adjacent Ashley River to the fields.

While known for being a historic site, Magnolia Plantation also includes the last large romantic-style garden in the country. Travel + Leisure magazine named the plantation among “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens,” an honor no other garden in South Carolina received.

As it has been since 1870, Magnolia has been open to the public. The site charges an admission fee and also offers various tours for an additional cost.

Hanahan Amphitheater and City Park

The Hanahan Amphitheater is a unique site in the area that hosts a variety of public and private events. Everything from weddings to local orchestra concerts has been held there. Check out the upcoming events at the Amphitheater on the city’s online calendar.

While the Amphitheater offers exciting events, you can also relax in the surrounding City Park. With stunning views of Goose Creek Reservoir and numerous amenities, it’s a great place to take a break. Hours are from dawn until dusk. Add a walk through this or the area’s many other parks when you need to take a break.

Carolina Ice Palace

Who says you can’t ice skate all year round in South Carolina? At the Carolina Ice Palace, you can. In fact, this site makes a great way to cool off from the summer heat. Located just to the west of Hanahan, the Ice Palace gives you a place to learn to figure skate or play hockey. There are also public skating sessions where you can just enjoy gliding on the ice. With two NHL-sized ice rinks, classes, rentals, and a lounge area, anyone from newbies on the ice to pro skaters will enjoy a visit to this site.

About Our Endodontist for Hanahan SC Residents at Innovative Endodontics

While you have innumerable fun things to do in Hanahan, South Carolina, you also have services and resources nearby for when you need to take care of practical matters, such as caring for your oral health. You know that you should maintain your smile by making regular visits to the dentist, but don’t forget to get specialist treatments that your dentist recommends. If your dentist recommends any of the following, ask for a referral to us at Innovative Endodontics:

Dr. Monica Estes founded our practice as a service to eliminate the fear of root canal treatments. She does this by working closely with patients to talk about their concerns before the procedure and using the latest innovative tools and high-quality pain prevention methods during the therapy.
Everyone in our practice loves living near Hanahan, South Carolina, and enjoying the area’s activities. We also want to help each patient smile with our compassionate, gentle, and professional endodontic care. Contact us to schedule an appointment or find out more about us at Innovative Endodontics.

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