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Innovative Endodontics offers quality, caring, innovative care for our patients in Moncks Corner. If you need endodontic surgery, a root canal, or another form of care for the interior of your tooth, reach out to us. We’re located near you, serving as the endodontist Moncks Corner SC residents have trusted for years.

Our Location Near Moncks Corner

Residents and visitors alike flock to the Charleston area and Moncks Corner each year to enjoy the area’s many attractions and events. Seasonal events are highlighted throughout the year for everyone in the area.

During the winter holidays, don’t miss the Celebrate the Season Holiday Fair. Several events make up this fair, starting with the professional Holiday Lights Driving tour at Santee Cooper headquarters. This display uses energy-efficient LED lights.

Plus, the annual tree lighting ceremony lights up downtown Moncks Corner. This event kicks off the holiday season in Market Pavilion on a Friday night.

The day after the Christmas tree lighting, downtown hosts a holiday parade. That evening, you can watch the parade down Main Street and follow it to its end at the Regional Recreation Complex. There, you can find hot chocolate and Santa taking pictures.

During weekends in December, don’t miss the chance to get unique holiday gifts at the holiday fairs. These craft shows take place at the Regional Recreation Complex. Plus, you can find opportunities for fun for the entire family, including food and rides. Kids can write letters to Santa for free with proceeds benefiting local charities.

Events such as the Celebrate the Season Holiday Fair are reasons why we love Moncks Corner. At Innovative Endodontics, we work hard to serve our community to help residents keep their natural teeth and think differently about root canal treatments.

Services from an Endodontist Moncks Corner SC Residents Entrust Their Oral Health to Endodontic services fall into a specialty area of dentistry that focuses on treating ailments of the interior of the teeth. While some dentists may perform root canals, they lack the years of extra training that endodontists receive in doing these procedures and mitigating pain. Therefore, if you need root canal therapy, your best option is to see an endodontist.

Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic surgery is a way that endodontists can treat teeth when non-surgical root canal therapies don’t work. For instance, an endodontist may perform an apicoectomy. In this procedure, the doctor accesses the tooth root from the root end through the gums. While the most common type of endodontic surgery, it is not the only form. Other types of surgery we offer at Innovative Endodontics include the following:

  • Dividing a cracked tooth
  • Removing a tooth to treat it outside the mouth before reimplanting it
  • Repairing or removing roots from a tooth

In many instances, patients at risk of losing a tooth due to root damage may have it saved through endodontic surgery. Talk to our doctor to see if you can preserve more of your natural teeth through this option.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is not a surgical procedure. It involves our endodontist removing bacteria and inflamed pulp from inside a tooth. Doing so stops the spread of infection in its tracks, which can save you from getting a widespread infection or losing a tooth.

At Innovative Endodontics, we perform root canal therapies to preserve teeth. We also use our practice to help people recognize that root canal treatment does not cause any more discomfort than getting a cavity filled, and if you want to avoid the need for dentures or a bridge in the future, schedule root canal therapies when your dentist recommends them to keep your natural teeth.

Cracked Teeth Treatment

A cracked tooth can be saved in many instances through endodontic care. The size of the crack and direction will determine whether the endodontist can save all or part of a tooth. If you have a crack in one of your teeth, schedule a visit with us at Innovative Endodontics for an assessment of your cracked.

About Our Practice Near Moncks Corner

At Innovative Endodontics, we take a different approach to providing endodontic care. We put the patients first by offering the latest technology to improve results and help each patient feel more comfortable. Types of technology that we use include the J. Morita cone beam technology imaging and Zeiss operating microscopes. These provide Dr. Monica Estes with better views inside the tooth she works on.

Dr. Estes also brings a long history of practice and commitment to her practice. She served the United States in the U.S. Navy and earned her Master of Science in Dentistry. During her masters, she researched endodontic materials that protected bacteria.

Dr. Estes uses her practice at Innovative Endodontics to help her patients reevaluate their opinions of root canal therapies. Instead of being something to fear, root canal treatments should be considered valuable procedures to save teeth with no pain during the procedure and minor discomfort after.

Most people first find out they need a root canal from their dentist. If you have this assessment, ask for a referral to Innovative Endodontics to access quality care in your hometown. Or contact us if you want to make an appointment with an endodontist Moncks Corner SC residents can rely upon.

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