Did you know the town of West Ashley was the first permanent settlement of the English for the Carolina Colony? Though the residential components of West Ashley and its moniker did not come until the 1950s. Even today, it remains part of Charleston but with its own identity.

Besides its charm, West Ashley has a lot to offer when it comes to endodontic care. If you are looking for an endodontist in West Ashley SC, consider Innovative Endodontics.

What to Do Around West Ashley, SC

Nowadays people are so busy it’s easy to forget the fabulous things to do around the community. However, take some time to sample the great things West Ashley offers to gain a new appreciation for your neighborhood. The following are some suggestions to get you started in rediscovering your home:

Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site

Go back to where Charleston started by visiting Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site. At this site, you can walk on a replica of a 17th-century sailing ship, The Adventure. Other attractions at this park include 80 acres of gardens and oak tree alleys. You will also find the Legare Waring House, which is the historic event space where many in the Charleston area get married. A trip here will take you back in time and is an excellent activity for people of all ages.

Drayton Hall

It’s not every day that you can experience an unrestored plantation. Drayton Hall is the oldest of this type of building in the United States and remains open to the public. You can see first-hand the toll time has taken on the structure while appreciating the strength and durability of the construction. This home has remained standing through earthquakes, the Civil War, both World Wars, hurricanes, and other storms. Visit this hall and its grounds for a stunning look into the past of America and South Carolina.

Charleston Horticultural Society

If you love gardening in the West Ashley area, join the Charleston Horticultural Society and attend various events throughout the year. You’ll get tips on gardening, meet other plant lovers, and take part in contributing to urban gardens. This is your chance to really enjoy hands-on activities and events that help you learn and let you grow your gardening experience.

What Makes Innovative Endodontics a Great Endodontist for West Ashley, SC Residents Not everyone will need an endodontist regularly, but when you need a root canal or endodontic surgery, you need to know who to call to make an appointment. Innovative Endodontics provides an endodontist West Ashley, SC residents can trust for friendly, professional, and painless care.

Endodontic Services We Offer

While our mission at Innovative Endodontics is to help all our patients turn around their views of root canals, this type of treatment is not the only one we offer. Our services also include treating cracked teeth, offering surgery, and providing endodontic retreatment.

Root canal treatments remove bacteria inside the tooth and inflamed pulp. This treatment also cleans and seals the canals for lasting relief from pain. With this treatment, you don’t have to lose a tooth to have the pain stop.

Cracked teeth may require surgery or non-surgical root canal treatment. In many instances, Dr. Estes can save the entire tooth. However, some cases of broken teeth, especially those that involve a vertical crack through the entire tooth, may require extraction. Don’t assume your cracked tooth; let Dr. Estes conduct a thorough exam to determine the best treatment option.

Endodontic surgery is often a treatment option only if non-surgical methods will not work. Apicoectomy is the most common type of surgery done. During this type of surgery, the doctor cuts into the tooth's root end to treat problems inside the root canals. Other surgeries may include dividing and removing the tooth for external treatment.

Retreatment of a tooth that once had root canal therapy is another form of care. The tooth may have developed decay after treatment or cracked. Both instances expose the treated internal structure of the tooth to bacteria, which requires the endodontist to clean out the canals again and reseal them.

About Our Team at Innovative Endodontics

Our team at Innovative Endodontics may be small, but we can offer each patient the highest standard of care with our carefully coordinated team members. Dr. Monica Estes leads the team as our endodontist and the founder of Innovative Endodontics. She works with the whole team to promote compassionate, comforting care that leaves patients with positive experiences of their endodontic treatments. In doing so, Dr. Estes and the whole team at Innovative Endodontics work toward boosting the reputation of the root canal to a positive one.

Schedule a Visit with Us at Innovative Endodontics for Quality, Caring Endodontic Services

Don’t ignore dental pain. You may need endodontic care to fix your problem from the source. Let us change your mind about root canals by showing you how painless and simple the process can be. Contact us at Innovative Endodontics if you need a root canal near West Ashley, SC, or any of our other services.

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