Occasionally, a root canal treatment will require additional care. When this happens, you likely will need endodontic retreatment. To ensure the retreatment’s longevity, select a professional who has experience in the procedure, and the equipment necessary to execute it. For endodontic retreatment near Charleston, SC, trust us at Innovative Endodontics.

What Is Endodontic Retreatment?

Endodontic retreatment refers to the procedure needed if the initial root canal treatment failed. If you still have discomfort after a root canal treatment, contact your dentist or endodontist. You may need retreatment to assist in proper healing. With endodontic retreatment, you can save a tooth that you might otherwise have to have pulled.

Why You Might Need Endodontic Retreatment

People need endodontic retreatment for several reasons, based on issues during the root canal treatment and others that appeared later. Problems with your initial root canal treatment that might require you to have retreatment include the following:
  • You had small spaces in the canals that did not receive treatment.
  • You did not have a crown placed over the treated tooth promptly.
  • Saliva contaminated the interior of the treated tooth.
  • You had complicated internal structures in your tooth that did not receive treatment.
Even a perfectly executed root canal treatment may still need retreatment in the future. Later damage to the tooth or surrounding area could require you to return to an endodontist for care. Possible causes of needing endodontic retreatment that happen long after you've healed from the initial root canal treatment include:
  • A lost or broken crown
  • Tooth fracture
  • Future decay that puts the root at risk of bacterial exposure
If you have had root canal treatment in a tooth and experience pain or discomfort at the site or have a broken tooth or crown, contact your dentist or endodontist at once. You may need retreatment or surgery to save the tooth. However, endodontic retreatment can last for the rest of your life if you maintain good oral hygiene habits.

Endodontic Retreatment FAQ

  • Why is the quality of a restoration important? Answer:The quality of the restoration placed on the tooth following a root canal actually is more important in the long-term success of the tooth than the quality of the root canal.
  • Can root canal-treated teeth last a lifetime? Answer: Yes. When restored and maintained properly, these teeth should last a lifetime.

What Happens When You Receive Endodontic Retreatment?

Endodontic retreatment is a non-surgical option to clean out the affected tooth’s interior and any passages not accessed during the initial treatment. Endodontists typically have more high-tech equipment for more thorough cleaning than dentists for this procedure.
First, the endodontist will take off or disassemble the crown or restorative materials. They will then use a microscope to see into your tooth to clean out the root canals thoroughly. They will also look for any spots that the initial treatment may have missed and clean out those, too. Cleaning the canals removes bacteria that could cause infection or inflammation of the tooth.

Next, the endodontist will fill the canals and seal them. After placing a temporary filling on top, they will recommend that you return to your dentist for a crown as soon as you can. If you had exceptionally narrow canals or other intricate anatomical features, you might need additional endodontic surgery to seal the other side of the root.

Due to the equipment used, endodontic retreatment can alleviate discomfort in the affected tooth by removing the initial discomfort source. Plus, endodontic retreatment can help to save a damaged tooth, keeping your smile complete.

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