When you need an endodontist, North Charleston SC residents put their trust in, reach out to us at Innovative Endodontics. We are from this area, and our endodontist Dr. Monica Estes received her endodontics certification right here in Charleston at the Medical University of South Carolina. Why do we love North Charleston so much? For the same reason that our patients love living here.

North Charleston, SC and Surrounding Areas

North Charleston boasts multiple attractions within its limits and in the surrounding areas. Among these is the Greater Charleston Naval Base Memorial. The base itself closed in 1996. The city decided to turn the naval site into a memorial to honor those who served in the Navy when it did. Visitors can see panels describing the site’s history, which converted an old plantation into a Naval base. Having such a memorial in North Charleston is especially important for our Dr. Estes, who proudly served her country in the United States Navy.

Another attraction to check out is a guided tour of the Warren Lasch Conservation Laboratory dedicated to the first successful submarine in history, the H.L. Hunley. This sub sank in 1864 and remained at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean until 2000. The conservation lab has diligently worked to recover the sub and bring its history to life.

If you love hockey, you’ll likely find yourself at the home of the South Carolina Stingrays hockey team, the Coliseum in North Charleston. This venue also hosts comedy events, concerts, and family-friendly entertainment. In fact, both residents and visitors frequently visit the Coliseum for touring shows and sporting events.

With the numerous quality attractions right in your backyard in North Charleston, you should also expect to find a similar caliber of services. At Innovative Endodontics, you can get root canal treatments and other endodontic services from a provider who uses innovation to give patients top-notch care.

Services from an Endodontist North Charleston SC Residents Trust

Dentists cannot perform all types of oral care services. In fact, there will be times when you might need to see a specialist in endodontics. Endodontists treat issues that concern potential infection, inflammation, or damage to the tooth’s interior, including the root and pulp. To get treatment for a cracked tooth, surgery, or root canal therapy, contact us at Innovative Endodontics, where we bring technology to our field.

Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth can introduce bacteria into the pulp. Infected tooth pulp can cause damage to the tooth that may spread to the root. If you don’t get the cracked tooth treated promptly with root canal therapy or endodontic surgery, you risk losing the tooth.

Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic surgery is a microscopic procedure that requires surgical microscopes and specialty imaging to treat tooth problems from the root end. Endodontists have the training to work in such tiny conditions. Plus, they understand how to keep patients from feeling pain during the procedure through pain mitigation methods.

Root Canal

Root canal procedures are what most people associate endodontists with. Sadly, they may also have misconceptions about these types of treatment. With the experienced hands of Dr. Estes and her innovative tools, she can offer nearly painless root canal treatments. Plus, with a successful root canal, you can save a tooth that you might otherwise lose.

About Our Practice at Innovative Endodontics

At Innovative Endodontics, we stand out by not just providing root canal treatments but working to change their reputation. Too often, people put off important endodontic care because they heard myths about root canals. Dr. Estes uses the latest technology coupled with her stellar chairside manner to reassure patients and give them the most painless experience possible. If you have dental pain, you may need a root canal. Contact us at Innovative Endodontics for more information about our practice, schedule an appointment, or determine whether you need a referral from your dentist.

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