Charleston, SC, is a jewel of the South. There are so many things to see and do here that thousands of people call it home. For those who live here, local attractions like the Charleston City Market become staples of daily life. Also close by is an endodontist Charleston residents can rely on when they need comfortable, caring endodontic care. At Innovative Endodontics, we help Charleston residents to understand that root canals are not scary or painful. In fact, these procedures can help them to keep their natural teeth.

About Charleston, SC

More than 150,000 people call Charleston, SC, home. With a rich history and beautiful city, the residents here have many amenities and attractions to keep them happy. To ensure the health and well-being of residents, medical and dental services are also close at hand. At Innovative Endodontics, our team members live in the Charleston area, and we’re always happy to share some of the city’s fun things to do with other residents, such as the following:

Charleston City Market

One of the oldest public markets in the United States, the Charleston City Market brings residents and tourists a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. With more than 300 vendors and operating hours every day, all year long, you will be sure to find the perfect gift for someone or something distinctive for your home. Night markets on Fridays and Saturdays are also popular for those who want to shop after work. If you’ve never been to this city treasure, make time to stop by and see what you’ve been missing.

Charleston Waterfront Park

If you’re looking for a place to get away and stroll the open waterfront, check out the Charleston Waterfront Park. The park features ten acres of land, walking trails along the waterfront and off, family-sized swings, plenty of shade, birdwatching, and the Pineapple Fountain. Make this park a regular stop in your life when you need to slow down and reconnect with the outdoors.

Services from Innovative Endodontics

For an endodontist, Charleston residents can trust their smiles with, visit us at Innovative Endodontics. We love the area, and our entire team is ready to provide every patient with comforting care that uses high-tech equipment for the best outcomes. Dr. Monica Estes provides the following services to patients at our clinic:

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is what we at Innovative Endodontics are known for. Our team uses the latest technology to help each patient recognize that root canal treatment is not painful or something to be feared. The best place to go for this procedure is to an endodontist because their additional training includes extra information on pain management and ensuring that a patient has no pain during the procedure and minimal discomfort after. The majority of Dr. Estes’s patients only need over-the-counter pain relievers after root canal therapy. The procedure itself will actually ease pain by getting rid of the infection that prompted the treatment.

Patients need root canal treatment when the pulp deep inside a tooth becomes infected. The endodontist must remove this pulp and seal the tooth to prevent the bacteria from spreading to the jaw or the rest of the body. Stopping the bacteria from spreading helps the patient keep the tooth instead of losing it to the infection. If you want to keep your natural teeth and your dentist recommends root canal therapy, schedule the procedure as soon as possible to protect your smile and stop the pain of the infection.

Endodontic Retreatment

Endodontic retreatment is necessary for people who have a future infection inside a tooth they once had a root canal performed on. Root canal therapy removes all the bacteria and infected pulp and seals the tooth against future infection. However, decay, cracks, or lost crowns can allow bacteria to get back into the tooth and cause additional problems. A tiny percentage of patients might need retreatment if their initial root canal treatment did not remove all the bacteria. This often happens due to the complex internal anatomy inside the tooth that makes clearing out the infected material difficult.

When Dr. Estes performs endodontic retreatment, she ensures the patient’s comfort before starting. This process is very similar to root canal treatment. Therefore, patients do not feel pain during the procedure and only minimal discomfort after. If you experience pain in a tooth that had a previous root canal treatment, contact an endodontist in the Charleston area for an evaluation and retreatment.

Endodontic Surgery

For any type of dental surgery, you should always take care when choosing the provider. Dr. Estes uses her years of experience in the field to successfully perform endodontic surgery for patients who need apicoectomies, dividing a tooth, root repair, or treatment and reimplantation.

These procedures require using equipment such as surgical microscopes or three-dimensional imaging to give Dr. Estes the information she needs to perform surgery on affected teeth successfully. With Dr. Estes’s experience and our high-tech equipment, we at Innovative Endodontics strive to give each patient the best care possible.

Cracked Teeth

Don’t let a cracked tooth turn into a hole in your smile. Cracks in the teeth need treatment from a dental professional to prevent bacteria from spreading inside the root.

A crack and dental decay are similar in many ways because both can create a pathway for germs to get inside the tooth. When this happens, the bacteria multiply quickly, leading to inflammation in the pulp, pain, and infection. Left untreated, the tooth could die and require extraction.

Dr. Estes can determine the severity of the crack and if the tooth needs a root canal or endodontic surgery to save it. While a cracked tooth is not an immediate emergency like a knocked-out tooth, you should still not delay scheduling a visit with an endodontist if one or more teeth have serious cracks.

Contact Innovative Endodontics for an Endodontist Charleston Residents Can Depend On

Finding an endodontist Charleston residents can feel comfortable visiting for root canals or other treatment doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact us at Innovative Endodontics to schedule a visit. Dr. Estes and the team will do everything possible to ensure that you have a comfortable appointment. We’re working to change the way people think about root canals, one patient at a time. See us soon to find out for yourself that endodontic care is a vital part of preserving your dental health.

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