Mt. Pleasant, SC, offers residents the perfect blend of small-town coziness with the convenience of nearby amenities. Those who live here can enjoy visits to the town’s first brewery, Westbrook Brewing, or take in the Old Village District. However, residents can still enjoy a high-quality treatment from experienced professionals, such as the endodontist Mt Pleasant residents trust – Innovative Endodontics.

About Mt. Pleasant, SC

Though Mt. Pleasant, SC, is a suburb of Charleston, it is the state’s largest town. Located in the Low Country to the northeast of Charleston, Mt. Pleasant has multiple offerings for residents and tourists. The region’s rich history and modern arts and culture make this town a popular site for tourists in the area. These events and venues also give people who live here plenty to do in their hometown. Some of Mt. Pleasant’s most notable attractions include Old Village District, Westbrook Brewing, the farmers’ market, and the Naval and Maritime Museum.

Old Village District

Old Village District gives you the feeling of strolling down an old-time Main Street. However, this site includes modern stores to appeal to the trendiest of shoppers. Browse, dine, shop, and enjoy year-round events at this local treasure.

Westbrook Brewing

Westbrook Brewing is the town’s first brewery and a highly popular place for locals and tourists alike. Famed for its annual barrel-aged Mexican Cake flavored imperial stout, this brewery also makes a variety of hard seltzers, ciders, and beers. The brewery itself conducts tours every hour and features a family-friendly tasting room to try samples from its wide selection of drinks.

Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market

During the warm spring and summer months, Mount Pleasant growers bring their bounty to the local farmers’ market, held every Tuesday from April through September. But don’t think this event is limited to farmers selling produce. You’ll find a variety of goods for sale, children’s events, live music, and more. A stop by the Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market should be on every tourist and local list.

Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum

The Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum gives visitors a close-up view of historic craft from the Navy. This museum goes beyond displaying history. It provides a hands-on history lesson. For anyone interested in history or the Navy in Mt. Pleasant, this museum should be a regular site to visit.

Services from Innovative Endodontics, an Endodontist Mt Pleasant, SC Residents Trust with Their Dental Health

At Innovative Endodontics, we offer several forms of endodontic treatment. Our most common is root canal therapy. However, Dr. Estes also performs surgery and repairs cracked teeth. Dr. Estes uses the most innovative tools available, including 3-D imaging and surgical microscopes. Find out more about our services below.

Root Canal Therapy

The most common procedure done by endodontists is root canal therapy. However, this treatment has a bad reputation due to urban myths that have persisted over time. We work hard to bust these myths and change the reputation of the root canal.

At Innovative Endodontics, we ensure every patient has a good experience. Dr. Estes helps treat each patient’s physical and mental discomfort by talking to them about the procedure and ensuring they are fully numb before beginning. Root canal treatment is a way to save a tooth that cannot be fixed with a filling alone. Plus, it is no more uncomfortable than getting a cavity filled.

Endodontic Surgery

Occasionally, treatment of a tooth needs endodontic surgery. There are various forms of surgery that an endodontist may perform, with the most common being an apicoectomy. Apicoectomy is when the endodontist treats the tooth’s root canals from the tip instead of from the top of the tooth. This alternative to root canal treatment is more invasive but may be necessary for some patients to save their affected teeth.

For all forms of endodontic surgery, the tooth’s health is at stake. Therefore, patients who need this type of care should not delay seeking it. Surgery corrects the problem with the tooth, and therefore, after healing from the surgery, the patient will feel better than before.

Endodontic Retreatment

Sometimes, teeth that have had endodontic treatments may need the procedure repeated. This endodontic retreatment may happen weeks or years after the initial root canal. The process for retreatment is similar to root canal therapy. Dr. Estes removes the crown and filling from the old root canal and recleans the tooth’s interior before sealing and filling it. This process is just as painless as the initial root canal.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

When a tooth cracks, bacteria can sneak inside the root canal. If left untreated, the infected root could die and require the tooth to be pulled. However, prompt treatment after a tooth crack could prevent this.

Cracked or broken teeth may need root canal treatment to remove bacteria and inflamed pulp from inside the tooth. Dr. Estes will examine the tooth and determine the best course of action to give the patient the best odds of preserving as much of the tooth as possible.

Make Innovative Endodontics Your Choice When You Need Care from an Endodontist Near Mt Pleasant

As the name suggests, Mt Pleasant is a wonderful place to live. Residents have everything they need with history, culture, and services close by. Among the many services is quality endodontic care from Innovative Endodontics.

Dr. Monica Estes at Innovative Endodontics performs numerous root canal therapies and other endodontic treatments each year. She sets the practice on a course to help change the reputation of the root canal by providing each patient with quality, nearly pain-free care. You never need to fear endodontic treatment, especially when you realize the process can be painless and save your teeth. If you need endodontic treatment in the Mt Pleasant area, contact us at Innovative Endodontics to schedule your appointment.

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