Located just south of Moncks Corner, SC, Whitesville shares many attractions and services with its neighbor to the north. Those who live in and near Whitesville have several options for fun things to do.

If you are among those local to Whitesville, you also live close to a top endodontist Whitesville SC residents have trusted for years, Innovative Endodontics.

Find out why our clinic is a great place to get endodontic services and what makes the Whitesville, SC, area so enjoyable.

Things to Do Around Whitesville SC

In the late 1700s, Whitesville was among the many “Pineland Villages” that appeared when rice planters built summer homes on higher ground to flee from the “miasmas” they perceived came from living on lower ground. Their theories about lower ground causing the diseases were wrong, but moving to higher ground in places like Whitesville got them away from the mosquitoes that loved the moist plantations, which did help to keep them healthier.

Today, Whitesville still has plenty to offer. Check out some of the following attractions near Whitesville:

Berkeley Country Club

Set on the grounds of the old Exeter Plantation, which burned down in the middle of the 20th century, Berkeley Country Club offers a golfing experience for all levels of players. The course offers golfing on the course and lessons with professional golf instructors. Whether you want to play a beautiful course, improve your game, or savor a meal at the Exeter Grill, you can do it all at the Berkeley Country Club.

Live Oak Smokehouse

Fuel up for your adventures around town with some slow-smoked meats and tasty meals at Live Oak Smokehouse. This eatery is highly popular among locals, with ample portions at reasonable prices. Don’t miss the macaroni and cheese as an entrée or side when you visit. Visitors here also rave about the ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. If you love to barbecue, you must stop here at Live Oak Smokehouse for a meal you won’t forget.

Getting a Root Canal Near Whitesville, SC, and Other Endodontic Services

Caring for your teeth is a lifelong process, and we want to help you with it at Innovative Endodontics. After all, even the tenderest of meats are still difficult to eat if you lose teeth. Endodontic treatments can help you to keep your natural teeth instead of resorting to extractions, which can help you to enjoy more barbecue and other favorites over your lifetime.

Innovative Endodontics Difference

Endodontics is the field of caring for the root portion of the tooth. The interior parts of teeth require extra training to treat, which is why endodontists spend more time in school after getting their dental degrees. They learn about conducting microsurgery on the tooth interiors and pain control methods to prevent patient discomfort while treating these sensitive areas.

Dr. Monica Estes and Dr. Bailey Weightman are our endodontists with years of experience in dentistry and endodontics. Their aim is for every patient to have a positive experience through innovative endodontic treatment and timeless compassion.

Our Services

The most recognized endodontic service is root canal treatment. This type of treatment involves cleaning and sealing the tooth to stop pain caused by decay and prevent future tooth loss. If you get root canal treatment on time, you could avoid needing to have the tooth pulled.

At Innovative Endodontics, we want our patients who need root canal treatment to see the process as painless and a better alternative to dental extractions.

Similar to getting a cavity filled, the root canal process is painless and completely comfortable. We want to make people see root canals as a treatment to relieve discomfort and pain, not creating it.

While our motto is “changing the reputation of the root canal,” this is not the only procedure we perform. Our clinic and Doctors have everything necessary for endodontic retreatment, surgery, and broken tooth repairs. Whatever type of endodontic care you need, you can trust us.

Occasionally, the same tooth that received root canal therapy may require endodontic retreatment if an initial root canal has not been restored in a timely manner. This procedure is a non-surgical process that repeats many of the same steps of a root canal to ensure the tooth does not decay in the future.

Endodontic surgery is a way for Dr. Estes and Dr. Weightman to address problems they cannot with non-surgical treatments. They may need to enter the root canals from the tip of the tooth or surgically divide a broken tooth to save part of it. These procedures also help you to avoid tooth loss.

Endodontic care is a vital piece of dental treatment. If you want to keep your teeth for life, you need to know an endodontist near Whitesville, SC, that you can trust. Innovative Endodontics has that doctor – Dr. Monica Estes and Dr. Bailey Weightman.

Reach Out to Innovative Endo for Professional Care from an Endodontist Whitesville SC

Don’t put off getting great endodontic care. Contact us at Innovative Endodontics to access a top endodontist near Whitesville, SC. Our office is changing how people view root canals and other endodontic procedures for the better. See how comfortable you can be with compassionate, professional endodontic treatment at Innovative Endodontics.

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