Daniel Island is a jewel in the crown of master-planned communities. With development starting in the mid-1990s, this area has flourished into a bustling neighborhood, earning the Urban Land Institute’s Award for Excellence in 2007.

Today, residents have all the amenities of nearby Charleston in a community with a small-town feel. Among those services available nearby is Innovative Endodontics, a top endodontist Daniel Island SC residents can easily get to for quality, caring treatment.

Great Things About Daniel Island

Daniel Island is mainly a residential area, but there are still great things around the area, including the following:

Charleston Duck Race

In 2007, the Daniel Island Rotary Club started the first Charleston Duck Race, an annual charity fundraiser for local rotary clubs. The clubs change each year to spread charitable donations throughout the area. Since starting, charities in the area and worldwide have gotten $2 million in donations from the race. Most charity benefits focus on improving families and children, nutrition and hunger, housing and shelter, education and literacy, and health and wellness.

This race typically occurs at the tail end of the spring in early June, with hundreds of rubber ducks dropped into the water off Guggenheim Terrance. The fire department sprays a hose at the ducks to propel them across the water toward the finish line. Ducks that cross first earn the people whose names are on the winning duck's thousands of dollars in prizes.

Daniel Island Waterfront Park and Trails

What could be better than a stroll along the Wando River? The Daniel Island Waterfront Park and Trails offer a children’s play space and walking trails along the river. This is a great place to take a morning run or an afternoon walk. The Daniel Island Trail also reaches other parks, including Governor’s Park and Barfield Park. It also passes Credit One Stadium.

What Makes Innovative Endodontics a Great Place for a Root Canal Near Daniel Island, SC

Our services and team at Innovative Endodontics will give our patients the quality care they deserve for root canals and more. You don’t have to go far from Daniel Island to find us. We’re definitely worth the drive, and we will ensure that you have a positive experience from the time you make an appointment through your follow-up visits. This level of service is how we are changing people’s expectations about root canals, one patient at a time.

Our Services at Innovative Endodontics

Endodontic services include a specialty selection of treatments that go beyond primary dental care. Your dentist can examine the health of your teeth and gums and fill cavities, but if you have a problem inside a tooth’s root canals, you need an endodontist.

Endodontic services typically treat teeth interiors to save them from needing extraction.

Our services at Innovative Endodontics include the following:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Endodontic retreatment
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Cracked tooth diagnosis and treatment

Root canal therapy is the primary reason many people see an endodontist. This treatment can stop further decay of root canals by cleaning out the spaces inside the tooth and sealing them. Without a root canal, you could lose the tooth. The procedure itself is painless with a quick recovery. By getting this treatment, you can both save a tooth and stop the pain in the tooth.

Endodontic retreatment follows many steps of root canal treatment because it retreats a tooth that once had a root canal. Sometimes this retreatment happens a few weeks after the initial root canal, especially if the patient does not get a permanent crown over the tooth when directed. However, for many people, it happens years later when decay or damage impacts the tooth.

Endodontic surgery is more involved than the previous two non-surgical treatments. This type of care allows the endodontist to treat the most complex cases and help save teeth.

Cracked teeth are another reason people come to us at Innovative Endodontics. Because the crack may open the root canals to bacteria, the problem needs endodontic intervention.

With all our services, we give our patients the best care possible.

Schedule a Visit with The Top Endodontist Daniel Island SC Can Offer

When you need quality endodontic care, choose us at Innovative Endodontics. Dr. Estes is an endodontist Daniel Island SC residents can rely on for compassionate root canal therapy and other services. Through the use of high-tech tools and old-fashioned human compassion, Dr. Estes and the entire team work toward changing the reputation of the root canal by giving each patient a positive endodontic experience. Contact us to see the difference going to a caring dental professional can make in your view of root canal therapy and other types of endodontic care.

Proudly seeing patients across South Carolina, including Georgetown, SC, and Hanahan, SC.