James Island is a historic site deeply rooted in South Carolina’s history. Just because you live in a place that relishes its past does not mean that your endodontist should be antiquated. Innovative Endodontics is an endodontist James Island, SC residents can depend on for all their endodontic care, including root canals and endodontic surgery.

What to Love About James Island, SC

Our team at Innovative Endodontics loves James Island and shares great things about the area with our patients. Here are some of the things that we recommend residents and visitors experience:

James Island County Park

One place where people of all ages can enjoy time together is at James Island County Park. This site has more amenities than most municipal parks. Here, you will find a climbing wall, sand volleyball court, saltwater crabbing and fishing, camping, a seasonal splash zone waterpark, disc golf, horseshoe pits, pedal boat rentals, and playgrounds, and much more. If you’ve never enjoyed spending an afternoon enjoying the outdoors at James Island County Park, what are you waiting for?

Pinckney Park

Another great park to visit is the newest addition to the James Island parks, Pinckney Park. Just purchased by the city in 2015, this park has undergone numerous upgrades to make it more fun for visitors while preserving as much of its natural state as possible. Screened-in picnic pavilions, a playground, and walking trails are now open to the public and ready for use. Check out this great addition to the many natural parks around James Island.

Dock Street Park

The dock at Dock Street Park is likely the origin of James Towne, the site that existed before James Island. This park resonates with history. James Towne was only the second established city in the area after Charles Towne, making it one of the oldest settlements in the region. Today, you can enjoy fishing from the dock, picnicking at the tables, and watching your kids play on the playground.

Where to Get a Root Canal Near James Island, SC

You may already have a dentist you visit for regular care, such as exams, x-rays, and cleanings. However, if you have a problem deep inside a tooth, you may require a specialist in dental care. At Innovative Endodontics, we offer James Island residents high-quality endodontic care using the latest methods and technology.

Who We Are at Innovative Endodontics

At Innovative Endodontics, Dr. Monica Estes heads our team of caring professionals. Our entire business focuses on giving our patients endodontic care that surpasses their expectations. In doing so, we are changing the reputation of root canals through our nearly painless treatments and care for our patients.

Dr. Estes has served her country in the United States Navy, where she traveled the world and honed her dental skills, earning her DMD and Masters of Science in Dentistry along the way.

The whole team at Innovative Endodontics wants every patient to associate root canals and other endodontic care with positive experiences that can save teeth.

What We Do

We offer our patients the specialty endodontic care they may need to treat internal problems with teeth. The most common procedure patients come to us is root canal therapy. This type of treatment cleans the root canal of the infected pulp and removes the source of a painful throbbing in the tooth caused by inflammation or infection.

Another service we offer is endodontic retreatment, which treats a tooth that has already had a root canal to remove the new infection from the tooth's interior.

In some cases, our patients may need endodontic surgery to treat an area of the tooth that the doctor cannot reach through a traditional root canal.

Lastly, our services include treatment for cracked teeth. Depending on the location and extent of the crack, you may need one or more of our other services to save all or part of the tooth.

All our services come with the same great care and professionalism you can expect when you visit us at Innovative Endodontics.

Get Your Endodontic Care from Our Team at Innovative Endodontics

If you need treatment for a broken tooth, root canal, endodontic retreatment, or surgery, let us help at Innovative Endodontics. Through Dr. Estes’ use of innovative techniques, great chairside manner, and expert methods, she can help save teeth from extraction and ease the pain from the root of the cause. Contact us today to schedule a visit to get relief for your tooth problem.

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